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Take care of your Laptop's battery


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If you use a laptop or a netbook, you'll want to have as much information as possible about the status of your battery. Battery Smarter Not only does that, but it also presents all the information concerning the state of the battery and a handful of other options for to make your battery last longer.

In the first part of the program you can view information such as the manufacturer of the computer and the battery, the battery type, and its maximum capacity, current, voltage and the estimated time remaining life.

In the next part, you have a number of options with which to establish emergency procedures. For example, when the battery reaches less than 30% the 'aero' for Windows will be turned off, and the screen will become dimmer. When the 'aero' is down to 5% the computer's screen will be turned off.
Other program options allow us to quickly download or calibrate the battery, but they are only available to registered users.

Smarter Battery is a great help for PC and Netbook users to get more information about the batter in their laptops.

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